elastic wear for orthodontic patients

Elastics are small rubber bands that provide a gentle, continuous force to help Dr. Parker correct a patient’s bite. To ensure the maximum benefit from elastics, please follow the below instructions.

  • Elastics must be worn 24 hours a day or as instructed by Dr. Parker. Teeth never fail to move when elastics are worn consistently.
  • If elastics are not worn as instructed, tooth movement will slow or even stop. This will increase the amount of time braces need to be worn, and can lead to additional expense.
  • Elastics may make the teeth sore for the first few days, and inconsistent wear may increase discomfort.
  • New elastics should be placed twice a day. Once in the morning and once at bedtime.
  • If you run out of elastics, please contact our office and make arrangements to get more. Do not wait until your next scheduled appointment. This will allow your teeth to shift and can add time to your treatment.

common elastic configurations