Trade your candy for CASH! 

Need to get rid of those excess sweets that you picked up over the weekend! Dr. Parker is having a Halloween Candy Buy-Back from November 2nd through the 5th during regular business hours. Everyone is welcome!

Dr. Parker Voted Best Dentist & Best Orthodontist

Dr. Parker was voted Best Dentist and Best Orthodontist in the Norman Transcript’s 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards! Thank you to all who voted! 

Halloween Candy Buy-Back

Dr. Parker and Staff in The Norman Transcript

Great article about Dr. Parker and our new office in The Norman Transcript. Hope you had a chance to see it!

Advanced x-ray technology is now available in our office

Dr. Parker is now using a Va-Tech PaX-i imaging system to provide our patients with the most precise and high quality diagnostic orthodontic x-rays. This new technology reduces x-ray exposure and radiation time while using high sensitivity sensors to produce superior image quality.

In addition to our routine diagnostic x-rays, we now use Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) to expose 3-D images for more detailed treatment planning and diagnostics.

Bethany Hamilton is the newest ambassador for Damon System Braces

There are not many people who don’t know about Bethany and her amazing story after an unspeakable shark attack. Just a young teen in 2003 when attacked, Bethany has gone on to inspire millions due to her amazing determination and attitude. She shares her astonishing story in her bestselling autobiography Soul Surfer which in April 2011 was released as a major motion picture. Not only does Bethany continue to compete in the ASP World Professional Surfing Tour, but she tours the world to share her story of triumph and to prove that with faith and belief anything is possible.

After the shark attack Bethany will tell you she struggled through many trials and tribulations which took a toll on her confidence and self esteem. When asked, Bethany will tell you that “after being treated with Damon Braces I couldn’t be happier. The results of having braces not only improved my smile, it boosted my confidence.” Now, with help from Damon System braces, Bethany is able to smile through adversity.

To find out more about Bethany visit her website at