Symptoms of Traumatized Teeth

Teeth can be traumatized due to a number of causes including accidental falls, motor accidents, blows during fights, or sports activities. Some symptoms to indicate teeth have been traumatized are:

  • Tooth is turning darker in color
  • Gum tissue around the tooth appears to be inflamed or swollen
  • Tooth may be hypersensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks
  • Tooth does not appear to be in its original position
  • Tooth hurts worse when in a reclining position
  • A gumboil (pimple/abscess) appears on the gums near the injured tooth (may not be painful)

Not all of these symptoms may appear, but ANY of these symptoms would indicate the need to call our office so that your child can be examined. A dental exam and x-ray are needed to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation.